I am Product Manager and Technologist with 20 years of experience in the management, development and ongoing change of enterprise web applications. After living and working as an entrepreneur and software developer in Germany I moved to Boston, MA in 2011.

Today I am leading the Multimedia Centre product management team at Notified and I am fortunate to work with an awesome group of international colleagues and customers.

In my free time I am exploring the the world with my wife and son. I tinker with Raspberry Pi’s and Arduinos, hack Computer Vision (OpenCV) and Machine Intelligence (TensorFlow) scripts and produce electronic rock music (well, I try).

Did I mention I like a good cup of coffee any time of day?

I blog about three things I am passionate about: Technology, People and Business

Technology, People, Business

I love being a Product Manager because you are right in the middle of all three aspects.

In no other job can you analyze technical details with a developer, discuss process optimization with your service team, talk with customers about requirements, meet marketing and sales for a campaign and craft strategy with your management team – all in one morning…

In other words: I am building products – one coffee at a time.